Tekzen DIY

Working with 100% domestic capital Tekzen’s home improvement retailing sector is not limited to this … Tekzen is the first domestic brand to be opened abroad in the sector at the same time as stores opened in Romania and Cyprus. One of the most prestigious organizations in the global sense of the sector is the European DIY Retail Union ‘EDRA’

Today, Tekzen presents its thousands of domestic and foreign products in 121 provinces of Turkey in 53 provinces from Trabzon to Adana, from Edirne to Kars under the same roof with reasonable prices and easy payment options. Ten thousands of products are sold in the Tekzen stores, which have 230.000 sqm sales area in the whole country, from furniture to illumination, decoration to color, from white furniture to armor, from the floor to the roof, for the home, garden, office and all living areas.

With the Tekzen Expresses opened in locations that can be easily and quickly accessed in the form of small stores, Tekzen aims to be at the forefront of consumers every moment. Every year more than 40 million customers visit Tekzen stores spread all over the country with Tekzen Express.