NBA All-Star Weekend Betting

NBA All-Star Game

How it Works: The NBA All-Star game is a 48-minute affair. The game is divided into four also generally features scoring than a Ron Jeremy film.
How to Bet: You can wager on the All-Star Game in three different manners: 1) picking against the spread, 2) choosing the over/under point total, or 3) picking the MVP.
If betting the spread, you are not choosing an outright winner or an loser. The team you select must win by a certain margin or not lose by this margin. For instance, in 2016, Bodog listed the West as -5.0 favorites as well as the East as +5.0 underdogs. In the event that you had bet on the West, they’d have needed to win by six tips for one to successfully cover the spread and win your wager. Conversely, if you had chosen the East, they’d have needed to win outright or lose by four points or fewer that you cover the spread.
Deciding the over/under point overall is much simpler as you merely have to select whether the last score of the game will be greater (over) or reduced (under) compared to the projected total recognized by the sportsbook. In 2016, Bodog place the over/under at 348.5, along with the last score of this match amounted to 369. You would have won your bet, In the event that you had selected the above.
Deciding on the most valuable player is just a matter of picking the 1 participant from the 24 competitors which you believe will win the award. Sportsbooks rank the players according to their chances and assign odds that reflect their chances to win the event.
Unique Considerations: The first thing you have to understand about the NBA All-Star sport is that it is not as a basketball game and much more of a 48-minute track match. The gamers race up and down the court at breakneck speeds while displaying an almost pathological aversion to shield. Three-pointers are launched and complete court alley-oops are tossed prior to the shot clock has a chance to begin ticking down. The game’s outrageous speed was particularly evident in 2017 as the players combined for a listing 374 points. By comparison, a regular season NBA game in 2017’s point total has been 211.

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