How to Find the Top Cricket Betting Sites in 2019

We have created this page that is dedicated to the best cricket gambling sites with one goal in mind. That aim is to help people find the perfect place for them to create their cricket wagers. If you’re currently looking for your cricket gambling house, then you have come to the ideal location.
In the sections below, we’re going to give you with plenty of information which will aid you in locating the site that is the perfect match for you. We’ll kick things off with a listing of our best recommended websites. Next, we’ll provide you colour on the intense selection process which goes into our choices. After that, we’ll discuss popular cricket stakes along with providing you plenty of additional resources where you are able to find out more about sports gambling. Finally, we wrap it all up with some FAQs in the end.
For those of you prepared to jump in right now to begin gambling on cricket activity online, then the list below is the place you should get started. Here, we have gathered up a list of the complete best crickets sports gambling sites in the business. We’ve done loads of research and investigation to bring you the best of the best. To learn more about what makes these sites so impressive, check out the following section, where we’ll discuss why we selected these sites.
RankGerman Betting SiteSign Up BonusGet Started #122bet22bet100% around $122
Visit Site #210Bet10Bet50% up to $100
Visit Website #3Spin SportsSpin Sports100% up to $200
Visit Website #4GutsGuts100percent up to $100
Go to Site If you are not ready to select a site, then continue reading below. On the remainder of this page, we’ve got plenty of helpful information and tools to help you learn more about cricket betting websites and sports betting in general. As soon as you’re ready to find the online sportsbook that’s best for you, you can return to the section to check out our top picks over. Up next, we’ll show you what we consider when choosing our suggested websites.
Why These Sites?
If this is the first time on the website, we understand if you’re a bit doubtful as to why you need to trust our selections instead of people on a different website. We get it. Within this part, we will help you view everything that goes to our selection process. As soon as you examine this section, you will have a firm understanding of why the sites above are the best of their best.
Something that you need to be aware of is that we’ve not taken money from any of those sites above to incorporate them on our listing. This is worth pointing out, as some review sites out there will accept cash in exchange for glowing recommendations and testimonials. However, we never take money in exchange for record placement so that we can stay independent and only bring you the genuine top sites on the market. Areas on our list need to be earned and can’t be bought!
We have ten crucial aspects we review on every site we are considering for a recommendation. We have established the infographic below to showcase these ten criteria to you at a high level. We have also included a few more detailed information below about each one of the matters that we search for. You can click on the infographic to jump to a section with more detail regarding a few of our criteria.
Security and Safety We will only ever recommend sites we know could be trusted.
Reputation and History A Fantastic track record says alot about the quality of a Website Banking Options
There ought to be numerous methods for getting your funds online.
Ease of Use
Sites which are nicely designed and simple to use provide a far better experience.
Coverage of Cricket Wagers
Having options in wagers allows for more excting gambling options.
Bonuses and Promotions
Most of us enjoy getting some extra price, so these are a must.
Withdrawal Speeds
If we acquire some money, we shouldn’t have to wait for our cashout.
Quality Customer Support Fantastic customer support enhances user experience.
Mobile Compatibility
It is 2019. Sites, and their related software, should really be mobile compatible.
-110 +120
Competitive Lines
Everybody wants an increase in profits, so we suggest websites having the most competitive lines.
Coverage of Cricket Wagers
What is the purpose of calling a website one of the very best cricket gambling sites if it doesn’t have a great choice of cricket bets? That is why we’ve hunted high and low to identify the online sportsbooks that have the widest coverage of cricket wagers anywhere. If you decide to utilize one of our top picks above, you will be able to do all of your cricket betting in 1 place as a result of their large assortment of cricket wagers from leagues around the world.
Aggressive Lines
It is important to us that you are able to receive the best bang for your dollar when you place your bets online. While many men and women assume that all things are equal for lines across different sportsbooks, that’s not the situation. That is why we’ve taken the time to ensure our top selections all bring you aggressive lines. As you have a look at the sites that made our top selections, you’ll find that they all have super aggressive lines on their wagers for cricket betting.
Safety and Security We take your security and safety as a high priority. That’s why each one of those suggested websites above is one of the best in course in the market when it comes to these two topics. With your hard-earned bucks and individual data at stake, we would not suggest any websites that we do not trust to be ultra safe. If you wind up picking one of the recommended sites, you can bet with all the confidence your data and cash are secure.
Standing and History If you are a veteran online sports bettor, then you are probably aware that not all of online sportsbooks have the best reputation and background. However, if you’re brand new, it can be challenging to know which sites fall into this category without spending tons of time doing your own research. Luckily, we have stepped up and scrubbed the sites ourselves so that you don’t need to. All of the sites in our listing of top cricket gambling sites have a top notch reputation in the sports betting industry. We are so confident in these sites that these are the same sites that a number of us on staff use for our private sports betting.
Banking Options
Another crucial area for us when it comes to sports betting sites is the size of their banking choices. Before you can place a real money wager on any online sportsbook, you first will need to move funds onto your account on such website. To achieve this, you will need to use their available deposit banking methods to move your money. Our aim was only to bring you websites that have huge banking options for deposits so you can quickly move your money to your sports betting account. This will help you become in a position to begin putting wagers quicker compared to sites with limited banking procedures.
While we were investigating banking procedures, we also took the time to have a look at the withdrawal procedures. The same as with the residue side of things, we’re all for sites which have a multitude of withdrawal banking choices. For our suggested sites above, you will find a wide range of withdrawal choices so you’ll be able to rapidly transfer your funds off of the gambling site when you’re ready.
Ease of Use
Many times in sports betting, the timing of your wager is crucial. In some cases, you’re attempting to get a stake in before things change on the marketplace. Because of this, you’ll want to know that the website you wind up using for your sports betting is simple to use. As a result, you’ll know that you can quickly find the bets that you want to make and wager them without becoming confused and lost on a website that’s not laid out nicely. As you check out our preferred websites above, you will see just how simple these sites are to use. In case you choose to wager on any of these sites, we do not anticipate you’ll ever have a problem navigating the website, which will permit you to get in and quickly get your betting business done without any hassles.
Bonuses and Promotions
If you like free cash, then you’ll want to pay careful attention . For those of you who are new to internet sports betting, among the greatest things that you ought to know is that most online sportsbooks offer the potential for one to score some significant bonus money through different promotions. We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars here in some scenarios! However, not all sites offer loads of good promotions. Luckily, we’ve scoured the scene to bring you the sports betting sites which have some of the best bonus provide lineups that we have ever come across.
Withdrawal Speeds
While there are many online sportsbooks out there which pay out withdrawal requests fast, there are many more which take their time. Because we do not like to await our money, it’s important to us that we identify sites which have some of the cheapest payout rates in the industry. Therefore, all our websites recommended above have quick withdrawal speeds so you won’t end up waiting forever to get your funds.
Quality Customer Service We believe quality customer service to be a great insurance policy. While we expect that you never should utilize it, the chances are that you’ll have an issue or question come up at some point that will ask you to utilize it. When that occurs, you’ll want to know that you have got a fantastic team there to assist you, as opposed to one that’s tough to reach and just not supportive. For every one of the sites recommended above, we have tested their customer support support ourselves to ensure they provide a few of their greatest support we’ve ever come across. Should you choose to wager on one of these websites, we are 100% confident that you’ll be well cared for when you need it most.
Mobile Compatibility
One other area we check out is the mobile compatibility for any site that we are looking for a recommendation. This area is essential to us, as we want to be sure that you can quickly place wagers in your tablet or smartphone if that’s how you want to put your bets. For a lot people on staff here, it is the way that we place our wagers as a result of the convenience of how quickly and simple it is. If you select one of our suggested websites above, you’ll be working on a website which has one of the very mobile-friendly sites in the business.
Popular Cricket Bets
Cricket Paddle and Ball
Within this section, we’re going to provide you with an overview of the very popular cricket stakes on the market. For novices, this part of the page will help provide you with a preview of a few of the betting options that you’ll have at your fingertips when you begin your cricket betting career. If you’re a seasoned cricket bettor, then we’re guessing that you’ve yet to try out all these different types of wagers before. For you, use this section to find out about new bet types that you may want to utilize on your cricket gambling strategy.
Match Winner Bets
Up first, we will kick things off with the most popular of all cricket wagers: the match winner wager. This bet is popular since it is easy to comprehend and execute. For this bet, you merely have to decide which of those 2 teams that you think will win the match. If you choose properly, then you will win your bet.
Series Winner Bets
If you’re interested in betting on over just one match of cricket, then you might consider putting a string winner bet. Here, you are going to select which team you think will be victorious at the end of an entire series. Much like the match winner bet, if you pick the winning side, you will win your wager.
Outright Winner Bets
For those of you looking to take winner stakes to some other level higher than game or series gambling, then check out the outright winner bets. With this bet, you are going to make a bet about which team you think will acquire an overall cricket tournament. Here, you’ll have to decide which side you believe will win it all until the tournament starts. Since this bet has many team alternatives, it may be somewhat more risky bet to set, so be sure to keep this in mind before putting this type of wager.
Tied Match Bets
It’s not unusual for a cricket game to end in a tie. What is nice is that you can bet on this should you think it is very likely that a game will end in a tie. Having this type of bet, you will simply bet using a yes or no if you anticipate it is going to end in a tie. If you are right, you are going to win the wager!
Draw No Bet Wager
If you believe there’s a good possibility that the game will end in a draw, however you still need to wager on the group you think could win, then you need to think about placing a draw no bet wager. Here, you are going to pick which team you think will win the game. However, if the match does wind up being tied, then you’ll get your wager back. This wager essentially supplies you insurance that when the game ends in a tie, and then you’ll get your stake back. Keep in mind that if you put a typical game winner wager, and the match ends in a tie, you are going to lose your bet.
Top Batsman Bet
With this wager, you’ll need to decide which player you think will score the most amount of runs at a set time period. Often, you are going to be gambling on an inning, match, or series interval. You are free to choose any player from either side when making this wager. If you are in a position to select the perfect player, then you’ll win this bet.
Top Bowler Bet
Similar to the top batsman bet, you can even wager on the player that you think will take the most wickets throughout a set time period. When you place a top bowler bet, you are going to choose a player from either team that you believe will finish this accomplishment in an inning, match, or show.
Man of the Match Bet
In the end of every cricket match, 1 player is called the Man of the Match. With this bet, you’ll select prior to the game which player you believe will win this honor. If you opt correctly, then you’ll end up winning your wager.
To Win the Toss Bet
Before every game of cricket, there’s a coin toss to ascertain the way the game starts. With this very simple bet, you’ll select which team you think will win the toss. Should you pick correctly, you are going to discover a winner.
In-Play Bets (Live Betting)
As is more and more common with the majority of sports nowadays, the sport of cricket has an excellent in-play gaming marketplace. Here, you are able to place wagers on live activity while the sport is occurring. Rather than betting before the match or series, you’ll be able to wager as it occurs. Using this kind of bet can be a excellent way to get you more into the action.
Additional Resources
We wanted to be certain that we provided you with all the resources that you need to do your sport betting. If you’re looking to learn more about sports betting, then this section is where you want to be. Below, we have got links to a few of our dedicated pages that will aid you in boosting your knowledge online sports betting. It isn’t important if you’re a seasoned sports bettor or whether you are brand new to doing itthere’s something below that can help you learn more.
Beginner’s Guides to Sports Betting
For all those of you that are new to sports gambling, you don’t wish to miss the two pages below. We have created these pages only for folks that are new to the world of sport betting. Applying these pages, you’ll have the ability to obtain a solid comprehension of each the critical things which you have to know so that you could begin gambling on sports fast. Just click on the hyperlinks below to start learning about sports betting today.
Sports Betting Basics As soon as you’ve got a fantastic understanding of the basics, then your next stop should be our page on sports betting essentials. It’s here that we’ll take you deeper into sports gambling strategies and knowledge. This page is also a superb source for more innovative sports bettors who already know the fundamentals. Be sure to check out this page to see how it can help you elevate your sports betting match to new levels.
Odds Converter
Another great resource that we have here is that our proprietary odds converter. We have built this tool out to aid you whenever you encounter an odds format that’s not in the form which you prefer. Utilizing our chances converter, you can convert odds into the kind that you prefer . As a result, you’ll be certain you always know the odds for any wager that you are considering to make. To utilize our free odds converter application, click the link below.
Choice Sports Betting Sites You may be looking to perform gambling on more than just cricket activity. If that’s the case, then make sure you check out our webpages below committed to different kinds of alternative sports betting websites. Here, we’ve got links to our webpages for the best all-around sites (for gambling on all kinds of sports), the very best websites for use from mobile devices, and the best sites for gambling on in-play activity. Click on the link for the one that you’d like to learn more about and see all of the suggestions that we have for you personally.

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